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Mazak Troubleshooting

Mazak Troubleshooting

CNC machines are not infallible, no matter how efficient and fast they are. They will develop problems and require vigilant maintenance like all other machines. There are things one can do to ensure that you do not inadvertently damage the machine and accessory parts. 

These steps are not definitive nor are all-encompassing because machine errors vary by a great deal. Some issues are standard while others may deceive you that you need a completely new Mazak tool. The right information equips you with logical filters to weed out real problems from correctable ones. Do not overlook the following misdiagnosis while scanning through the issues.

Problems of poor maintenance

CNC machines need frequent proper cleaning and lubrication. A lack of sanitation will cause excessive buildup of dirt and probable hygiene issues that cause health concerns for the operators. A clog of dust will prevent proper functioning and deliver inaccurate results. Common problems found with troubleshooting dirty Mazak tools include the following:

  • The material will slide around during the cutting process
  • You may struggle to locate and hold materials together; hence the results will be inaccurate due to lack of precision
  • Sticking of machine parts due to inadequate lubrication. The lack of a smooth motion will also cause overheating and reduce the flow of air by a great deal. 

Issues due to improper tool setting

Blunt tools are a common cause of problems with cutting materials. Failing coolants is a problem that will manifest as small burn marks on the corners and edges of elements. Other issues will display in the following ways. 

  • The burns and scars will be due to materials that spend too long at the wrong location of the machine or an overheated space
  • Eventually, the tool will be burnt and cause unavoidable problems with the processing.
  • Poor setup of tools will ultimately cause slow movement of materials.
  • Visible cutting marks
  • Raised edges
  • Rough edges

It is essential to consider a Mazak troubleshooting procedure and repair information from Tool Eye that will inspect the configuration of tools in all physical aspects, such as structure and temperature. It could be time to replace the entire device if it is too blunt for accurate readings. 

Problems of poor programming

Incorrect programming is a severe defect of CNC machines. The programming setup defines the creation of the product and its dimensions. The product will have problems when there is an issue with programming. 

Mazak troubleshooting to identify programming problems is difficult when the operator is new at the job. They may not realize that the machine is operating on different dynamics. One would typically try to switch the device on and off, in hopes that it will restart with the original settings. Educate all employees on the troubleshooting procedures for a smooth and issue-free machining process. You will issues with the following parts after an in-depth Mazak troubleshooting procedure:

  • The automatic tool change process
  • The DC motor
  • The emergency stop
  • Machine acting strangely during a power-up
  • Power supply
  • Machine chuck getting stuck
  • Safety circuit


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