PTC Over Current Protector:

a. Telecommunication Equipment
b. Computers & related equipment
c. Automotive systems
d. Consumer Electronics

PTC Over Temperature Protector:

a. Power Supplies
b. Power Transistors
c. Transformers
d. Converters (DC-DC etc)

PTC / NTC Temperature Sensors:

a. Automotive Probes
b. Air Conditioning
c. Heater Controls (Spa, Pools etc)
d. Liquid and Air Sensing
e. Copier / Printer / Facsimile

NTC Inrush Current Limiters:

a. Computer switching power supplies
b. Switching power supplies, consumer electronics

Temperature Compensation:

a. Infrared Sensing
b. Instrument / Motor Winding
c. Transistor Temperature Compensation

PTC / NTC Probes and Assemblies:

a. Automotive / Transportation (Sensing & control)
b. Air Conditioning systems
c. Consumer applications (Spas, Pools and Refrigeration Control)

PTC self Regulating Heaters:

a. Small self regulating heaters (hair curlers, mirrors, etc.)
b. Aerospace application (anti-icing, etc.)

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