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NTC temperature sensor

NTC temperature sensorSince 1988, Western Electronic Components has been a leading manufacturer of NTC and PTC thermistors for many high technology and industrial companies in the world. We provide a high grade NTC temperature sensor and other components for your desired applications. Explore this website or contact us today to learn more.

An NTC temperature sensor is a type of thermistor (thermal resistor) that reacts conversely to the increase in temperature during electrical conduction. This simply means that the resistance decreases proportionally as the temperature increases. NTC thermistors are used to protect an electrical circuitry from surge current that come with device startups. The ability of an NTC thermistor to resist current gradually changes with temperature, which also makes it an effective tool for measuring temperature. If you are looking for high-standard thermistor products for your industrial manufacturing operations, then you've come to the right place. WECC is a leading manufacturer of PTC and NTC thermal resistors since1988. We have been producing highly specialized components, thermal sensors, ceramic heaters, and other advanced products for various industrial applications.

Most types of NTC temperature sensor or resistors are made from metal oxides. This may include cobalt, copper, manganese, and nickel. These metals are processed and oxidized through controlled chemical reaction and then ground into fine powder to be compressed and exposed to high heat. Other types of negative thermistors are made from crystallized silicon, germanium, and other suitable semiconducting materials. They are often in the form of a cast chip or a pressed disc, which contains the crystallized semiconductor or the sintered metal oxide. If your company is in need of a specially formulated thermistor for your production, consult with our team of talented engineers to create the perfect thermistor design for your specific application. WECC is a world class provider of time-tested and high quality thermistor components. NTC temperature sensor

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